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Willi Eckers
Willi Eckers
Human Resources Department
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Die Theod. MAHR Söhne GmbH is a classic family business, managed in the 6th generation by CEO Theodor Mahr.

More than 60% of German employees work in family businesses. In these cases – just as it is the case with MAHR – there are narrow links between owner and staff and their families. A good family business takes responsibility for its staff. Everything possible is done to make sure staff will stay in the business – also in difficult times. A high level of presence and commitment, particularly on the part of the management, but also the staff, at events outside the company is a matter of course, be it cultural, church-related, charitable or sports events.

Our ancestors founded the company in the city of Aachen. As with other family businesses there is little fluctuation and a high level of job satisfaction.