• Hospital, Dueren Lendersdorf
    Extremely silent condensers in use
  • DM (drugstore) branches
    Use of VRV-3-systems
  • Kronenberg, Haan
    Cooling ceilings in administrative buildings
  • AGCO Fendt


Cooling technology is employed where specific industrial production processes take place or where there is a need for a cool environment.Therefore it is important to enter into a dialog with the customer at an early stage:

We will advise you comprehensively on the individual requirements of your particular industry.

Our experience and flexibility allow us to offer individual solutions and to implement them in a competent way.

  • Multi-split systems and direct heat exchangers from 5 to 600 kW or
  • cold water systems from 5 to ca. 1.000 kW

We equip our systems with the latest and individually adapted control technology, thus ensuring optimal function and a long life. As a matter of course you will benefit from the resulting energy efficiency.

Fields of application in industry:

  • Process cooling
  • Dehumidification systems
  • Cold water treatment

Our partner for TGA are: