• Cathedral Magdeburg
    Climate chamber above archaeological excavations
  • Church Heiligste Dreifaltigkeit (Holy Trinity), Gößweistein
    Steam humidification and air heating system (2000)
  • Church in winter
    Only by using them cultural sites can be preserved

In most churches and other historical buildings you will find works of art which are priceless cultural assets. There are pictures, sculptures, but also altars, organs and other pieces of equipment. When the humidity inside a church increases, these works of art absorb humidity and vice versa. And it is not only these fittings that react to a change in humidity – also frescoes, canvasses and other pieces are affected.

Insufficient humidity inside a church, for example, can, over a longer period of time, in the best case cause an organ to produce some wrong tones. In bad cases, however, it may cause damage from cracks to a complete failure of the instrument.

Too much humidity, on the other hand, can cause swelling, chipping of paint, or the creation of mold on pieces of furniture or on walls.

Beside a well-adapted heating, ventilation is can have a positive influence on a room´s climate. In order to achieve this, we plan and implement ventilation systems for churches which, controlled by our regulation technology, can stabilize a room´s climate by exchanging the air.

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