• Church of St. Peter and Paul in Hochheim
    A MAHR service vehicle - carrying out yearly maintenance
  • Church of St.-Hubertus in Grosselfingen
    MAHRCALOR® church heating built in 2010
  • Sankt Johann in Denkingen
    MAHR church heating 1978 – long life through quality and regular servicing
  • Our service technicians - deployed in churches all over the year

Maintenance and Spare Parts

Longevity, reliability, safe function and economical operation of your heating system can only be ensured through yearly maintenance, carried out by trained personnel. A reliable supply of spare parts is vital as well. Our technicians carry out maintenance work on close to 5000 churches every year and have the necessary level of knowledge and experience. Consequently they will detect possible defects or the necessity of a repair at an early stage. Our technicians will inform you in detail on the condition of the entire system after having finished maintenance work.

We supply spare parts and wearing parts for various systems and generations of heating systems. As some of our heating systems have been in use for over 40 years, we carry up to thousand different spare parts.

Please pay attention to the following indication:

You need new filters or other spare parts for your MAHR-heating system?

We will help you and supply the suitable material.

You don´t know exactly how to designate the spare part needed?

No problem! As we keep all information about your heating system in our data base resp. our archives, all you need to do is give us the name of the church, the post code and the town. We will then look up the missing information in our documents, e.g. which size the filter is or what kind of v-belt you need, and in which length.

You wish to order a spare part or repair work which we offered you after carrying out an inspection or maintenance work on your heating?

Please use our fax reply-form for ordering and – if necessary – state a different address for delivery/invoice.