• Cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier
    MAHR heating systems in UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Abbey church in Großlittgen-Himmerod
    MAHRCALOR® church heating built in 2008 at Miscanthus district heat station
  • Petri church in Lübeck
    MAHR-Actherm® control system for 22.000 m³ of church space


The gratings in the floor are all you see of a church heating inside a church. This is why we strive to offer a multitude of different gratings, designed to blend with a church´s interior.

Profiled gratings manufactured in our company

All our profiled gratings are available with straight or inclined fins. By using inclined fins you have the possibility to influence the direction of the warm air.

MAHR standard gratings made of forged iron

  • Our profiled gratings »Forged Iron« can be manufactured with straight or inclined fins.
  • Any size is possible.
  • The profiles are protected by a hard-wearing stove enamel of the colour »Eisenglimmer«.


MAHR Aluminium Gratings

  • Our profiled gratings are made of aluminium and to your specifications.
  • The profiles can be anodized on demand and thus have different colours.

MAHR Brass Gratings

  • Our profiled brass gratings are manufactured to your specifications.
  • A brass colour harmonizing with the floor tiling makes a very beautiful sight.

MAHR Cast Iron Gratings



Our cast iron gratings are made of grey iron. On demand we also deliver gratings of cast-bronze or other metals. All measurements may vary very slightly due to casting tolerances. Smaller gratings come with a plate carrier, larger ones may need a steel substructure depending on static requirements.

We made some iron gratings for churches in the variants shown below. If necessary it is possible to produce gratings on customer request, with individual shapes and dimensions. We are happy to advise you on whether or how your idea of a grating is possible.

Model Bonn
  • 775 x 540 mm or
  • 955 x 795 mm

Model Fulda
(with straight fins)
  • in square from 550 x 550 mm or
  • in triangular from 550 x 550 x 777,8 mm

Model Worms

Model Düsseldorf (with straight fins)
  • as a quarter of a circle with a 395 mm radius
  • as a quarter of a circle with a 295 mm radius

Model Limburg (with straight fins)
  • in square form 325 x 325 mm

Model Aachen SC (with two fold inclined fins)
  • in rectangular form 540 x 333 mm