• MAHR sheet metal forming
    individual pieces of work require manual labour
  • Sankt Johann in Denkingen
    MAHR church heating 1978 – long life through quality and regular servicing
  • Pilgrimage church St. Clemens in Heimbach
    Warm water heating device with air humidification
  • MAHR Electrical workshop
    Testing of a MAHR-Actherm® control system for churches


All our systems are designed by our engineers in close coordination with our customers. Thus we are in a position to pay attention to every particularity of a historical edifice. Sometimes conditions in a church call for a special solution.

Also when implementing we try to avoid any frictional loss:


In our in-house manufacture we manufacture special measurements and dimensions, meet our customers´ individual desires and execute even short-term modifications without any loss of time. An invaluable advantage in the field of customization.

MAHR produce in their own factory air heaters for all uses, ducts and covers made of panel sheet, steel and stainless steel as well as customized mounting parts. Also the switchboards including our regulation technology are made in-house. Without them any economical and ecological use of heating, ventilation or air conditioning would be impossible.